Preparing to head off


It’s a weird thing… preparing to be gone for two years.  The packing and purging process has officially started, and friends have already been placing dibs on our household items and furnishings that we won’t be taking with us.  With plane tickets booked, and a departure date, the reality that this is actually happening is definitely sinking in.  It’s weird to think about the things we won’t be here for… In the midst of nervous flutters within, there is also an excitement for the adventures ahead, as well as a peace in trusting that God will take care of things while we are away.

The support of family and friends who are pumped for us to take this journey has meant the world to us. We are blessed beyond words with people in our lives who have shown their support and love in many ways.  We both have amazing friends who we will be sad to be apart from, but know that these friendships will be able to withstand the distance.  We hope this blog helps you feel like you are somehow partaking in this journey with us, and that you can share in the experiences of the days ahead. Much love & peace,

M & B


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