Goodbyes and a Hello

Our last week in Edmonton has been filled with many hugs, many last goodbyes, many boxes, and many emotions.

Thanks for coming early!

While there is lots to say goodbye to, we were thrilled get the chance to say HELLO to our new nephew, Wyatt Patrick Schmitt, who made an early entrance into the world on Tuesday, January 12, just so he could have the chance to visit with his Auntie Mel and Uncle Breno before we go.  So sweet of you, Wyatt!!

We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people in our lives.  If people could strike gold with friendship, I truly believe we have.  The support and excitement of loved ones has been a huge encouragement to us through the times of nervousness and mixed-emotions.  We were greatly touched by the kindness of friends who threw goodbye parties in our honor, as well as those who offered to help out in various ways, and are sad to leave people who have become so dear to us, though likely just for a little while.

Our car is sold, and our basement suite is quickly becoming empty.  With only 2 days left til we depart, I am fairly certain that our next update will be from the shores of New Zealand!


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