Living in a land with so many beaches so near, I was eager to explore them ALL.  While we didn’t quite complete our country-wide tour of New Zealand beaches yet, we have now visited several.

We drove out to Piha (pronounced Pee-ha), a beach located on the western shore of New Zealand, to take in some of the action of the World Junior Surfing Championships happening out there.

The drive to Piha was truly memorable, and slightly sketchy.  Extremely narrow, winding roads, were engulfed in a canopy of lush greenery that made you feel like you were driving through a rain forest.  With no shoulder on the road, the plants on the roadside were constantly brushing your car if you kept it in your lane.  There were many blind turns, and constantly-changing weather conditions.

Breno did what he does best though, he kept it on the left, and we arrived safely to a (momentarily) sunny Piha with breathtaking views.

The massive rock formations, powerful waves, and soft black sand surrounded by a lush valley of tropic, with the added dramatic effect of the changing weather conditions, made for a truly epic visit to Piha.

The views at Piha got even more amazing once we hiked up one of the ridges to get a better look at the surfing.

Due to bad weather, our young Canadian surfer-friends did not get the chance to compete that day, but assured us that they would do their best to represent our homeland in the competition tomorrow.

More to come on Beaches soon!


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