North Shore Explorations

To live in a place surrounded by an endless number of beaches to explore pretty much feels like a dream.  Wanting to make the most of our rental car, we decided to make a little trip up to North Shore, one of the “cities” within Auckland, to explore the beaches there.

Our first stop was Takapuna Beach.  Most of the beaches along the east part of North Shore look out to Rangitoto Island, which is the volcano-like mass you see in the distance.

After a quick stroll on the beach, we headed out in search of a cafe at which to find some good coffee for Breno.

Jam Organic Cafe caught our eye.  We enjoyed the fresh decor and vibrant atmosphere, and were intrigued by their tasty menu.  They served up an alright capuccino, too, and we both agreed that we’d like to come back here sometime to try out some of their tasty menu items.

We stopped to enjoy our lunch and a few moments of sunshine at a beach just up East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay.

Can you spot the dead shark head in this picture?

There it is!

Disgusting, I know.

There was a cool rock ledge and walkway that wrapped around the cliff from Mariangi Bay to Rothesay Bay.

We eventually made it to Long Bay, which was quite long indeed with soft, luscious sand.  We even got in a few minutes of basking here, before the weather changed again.

We definitely enjoyed visiting these North Shore beaches, but have a feeling that New Zealand is keeping her greatest beaches to herself right now, until we get to know each other a little bit better.


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