One Tree Hill

After a physically and emotionally draining day of car-hunting, our spirits were lifted by a visit to One Tree Hill.

We were surprised and slightly taken aback to find that there was more than one tree on the hill, but the hike to the top was purely magical.

Our first encounter with the famed New Zealand sheep was cordial, and both parities, I feel, came away with a feeling of satisfaction and content.

Mel was a bit nervous at first but was soon calmed by the sheeps’ fascination with the many tasty varieties of grass.

I suppose that we didn’t really expect there to be many sheep in the city, but with all the talk about there being 3x as many sheep as people, I guess taking almost a week for a sheep encounter is a fairly long time.

The many trees on one tree hill were just lovely; all shapes, sizes, textures were accounted for.

As we watched the sun set from one of the highest points in the city, there weren’t a lot of words to be said.  It was a moment filled with wonder, thankfulness, and peace at being in this new place.  We reflected on being far from home, but at the same time, how cool it will be to live in this place for a little while.


4 thoughts on “One Tree Hill

  1. When I looked at your photos and read your notes, I felt like I was watching a movie!! How lucky you are to be having this experience of a lifetime!! Our love and prayers go out to both of you

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