Four Wheels, Endless Possibilities

After several days of hunting for cars online and perusing used car lots, we are pleased and excited to introduce our new set of wheels!  We found this extremely cute ’93 Suzuki Alto online on a website frequently used by Kiwis called “Trade Me,” which is similar to the North American version of Kijiji.  A kind neighbor living here in the dorms at Laidlaw College gave us a lift over to go check out the car, and it was love at first sight.

For a ’93, the car was in impressive shape.  The smooth, flawless paint finish, clean, cozy interior, and purr of the engine were a definite draw.  Though not the most spacious of vehicles, tiny cars seem to be all the rage here, and we figured that this car would do just great getting us where we needed to go.

On our test drive, we discovered that the car also comes with a unique feature: Just below the cassette player, where one would expect the clock to be, there is instead a display that counts the number of minutes you have been operating the vehicle.  A luxury feature, which we will surely indulge in.

The pink flower decals on the back sealed the deal, and we decided that she would be ours.  While taking our car for a good spin around town, we deeply pondered what a good name for this vehicle might be.  Taking into consideration the vehicle’s compact size, youthful qualities (such as the horn, which honks with the zest of a new toy car), and prominent flower decals, we affectionately named our car Shea, after our 2-year old niece’s first doll, Baby Shea.

Where will our new car take us?

The possibilities are truly endless.

For now, though, we are very thankful and relieved to put an end to car-hunting, and to have wheels to get around to do the things that we need to do.  Having Shea will definitely make tasks like looking for a job and a place to live much easier.


10 thoughts on “Four Wheels, Endless Possibilities

  1. it is so cute!! you definitely don’t see those roaming around Canadian streets…are they a popular model there?
    the pink flower decals are too perfect. gosh!

    • Yep, suzukis seem to be pretty popular here, and I would say just tiny 4-door hatchback cars in general. They do make newer models of the same vehicle, and you’d probably see more of the newer ones on the street.

  2. if only old mazzy could communicate to US how many minutes we have been driving for! All we can do is simply guess…has it been 10 minutes of driving? 15 perhaps? If only we could somehow know! 🙂
    Congrats on the wheels. Mel thanks for the birthday wishes…and hello to auntie mel and uncle breno from our teeny daughter.

    • oh good old Mazzy… how is she keeping these days? The pics you posted of your baby girl are so great, Heather! It’s crazy what technology can do these days! Can’t wait to meet her!!

  3. I LOVE the car, and the name too. Think of all the adventures Shea will share with you two! I definitely don’t understand the Driving Minutes Counter though…hmmm…..We miss you guys and wish you many amazing experiences in NZ!

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