Checkin’ the Scene (the dance scene)

This weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the dance scene here in Auckland (representing in my HSM gear, of course).  On Friday nite, I attended a drop-in hip hop class at City Dance, a studio located in downtown Auckland in a gorgeous, old building with a long, winding staircase.

Interestingly, out of the 6 people attending the class, only one of them was from New Zealand.  Ireland, England, Japan, USA, and Canada were all represented.  The instructor, Sarah, a native of England, led us through an intense and thorough, but enjoyable warm-up, lasting half the class.  The remaining 30 minutes were spent learning a bit of a krump/funk routine.  Felt great to dance again!

That night, I learned of some $1 hip hop workshops that were going on the next day, and who can pass up a $1 dance workshop??  The workshops were being run by an Auckland hip hop crew that practices out of the University of Auckland campus called Triple 8 Funk.  I learned a fun and slightly comical routine along with about 30 other people, taught by Joel Gallarde, the founder, director, and choreographer of Triple 8 Funk.

I am looking forward to taking in more workshops and classes by other instructors here in New Zealand to get more of a feel for who and what is out there.


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