Wise Words: 3 Essentials for NZ Survival

A wise New Zealand woman once told me to never leave the house without a sweater, an umbrella, and sun screen.  Her advice to me has proved very much helpful, as we have frequently found ourselves amidst a sudden downpour of rain, or a fine spell of sun, but because I was sure to have these 3 items with me, I was prepared for whatever sudden changes the New Zealand weather may bring.

Take yesterday, for example.  We were kindly invited out to a picnic with a couple and another family after a church service we had attended.  While enjoying some Subway sandwiches and a delicious black been salad in Cornwall Park, it began to rain.  Luckily, I had my sweater and umbrella handy.  After picnicking, we enjoyed a great afternoon together of strolling in the park together, dodging sheep poo, and being moistened by intermittent rain showers.

As for sun screen, it is a must-wear every day, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions.  We have been informed that there is a hole in the ozone layer right above New Zealand, thus making for extremely high UV levels.  Lately, the UV warnings have been in the “extreme” zone, and there are public warnings encouraging people to seek shade and reschedule outdoor activities outside the hours of 11 and 4.  The abundance of skin cancer clinics here are a pretty good indication that the threat posed by the increased UV is very real, so when it came to choosing a sunscreen, I opted for the “good stuff,” and chose one made by the New Zealand Cancer Society.  I figured they knew how to make a good sunscreen.

So what I’ve found is that the woman’s wise words have rang true:  As long as you have these 3 items: sunscreen, a sweater, and an umbrella, you are pretty much set for any adventure the weather may blow your way here in this lush land of New Zealand.


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