South Eastern Excursions

We took an afternoon to explore Auckland’s South Eastern Beaches.  A postcard with some exceptionally attractive beaches caught my eye, and when I discovered that these beaches were located a mere ½ hour away in South East Auckland, we made plans to go check them out for ourselves at the next prime opportunity.  Maraitai Bay and Magazine Bay were on the list, along with any others that we happened to stumble upon.

It was a prime day for beach explorations; warm and sunny with a slight breeze, and our first stop was Omana Bay.

We found this cool tree overhanging the crystal clear water on Omana Bay.  Breno decided to sloth in it.

We stopped for lunch and a nap on the soft, sandy shores of Maraitai Bay.

Around the corner from Maraitai Bay, we found Magazine Bay.

It was indeed a beach straight from a magazine.  Picturesque in every way.

We took the scenic route home through the New Zealand countryside, and after stopping to say hello to a few friendly-looking farm animals,

we happened upon a vineyard just off of Twilight Road.

Neither of us had been to a vineyard before, and we were eager to see what goes on at one.  Large bunches of luscious grapes hung from row upon row of lush vines, some covered with nets already already so the birds don’t eat them.

We went inside to meet Joy, who owned and managed Twilight Vineyard along with her husband, Bruce.  Joy kindly offered us the opportunity to taste a few of their home-grown wines, so we sampled two lovely sparkling wines, an unoaked chardonnay, and a cabernet sauvignon, malbec, merlot blend.  All were excellent.  We decided to take home a bottle of their Sparkling Diamonds and Pearls, a unique light and fruity wine with notes of pineapple and melon.

We had a refreshing day setting foot on the sands of Auckland’s South Eastern beaches, as well as a good taste of some of the marvelous things going on in the New Zealand countryside.


2 thoughts on “South Eastern Excursions

  1. sounds like a delicious type of day. Thanks for sharing it. I have never visited a vineyard either, but am now itrigued! Miss you guys.

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