A Communal Experience

We were a little skeptical about moving back into a dorm before we arrived in Auckland, but it has been a great thus far.  When we arrived here, there was a family from Vancouver who had been here for a couple of weeks.  About a week after we came, another family moved in from Kansas City, and just the other day, a couple from Seattle arrived.  Everyone has to go through the same sort of steps when moving to the other side of the world; find a vehicle, look for a place to live, figure out what to eat and how to communicate to loved ones back home, etc. It has been actually somewhat comforting going through this process while others are going through it as well.  We have it somewhat easier than our friends because we do not have to consider schools for children or waiting for stuff to arrive that’s currently on a ship in the Pacific, although we do have the added pressure of looking for a job for Mel.  There is a kind of kinship we feel with these families, whom we have not known a very long time, but have a level of common understanding of the emotions, stresses, and joys involved in moving here.

It has really made me think about how when people are able to share at least a little bit of the burden of change with others it is incredibly easier. Just knowing that there are others going through the same things. Even though the effort involved in helping one another is small, the amount of help it seems to be is quite significant.

A few snapshots of life in the East Wing of Laidlaw College…

our dorm room

East Wing lounge

kitty s&p shakers

new friends

communal kitchen


2 thoughts on “A Communal Experience

  1. I love the pics of the kids! From first impressions, it looks like you’re kindred spirits! Is the boy posing?… reminds me of a special boy I know. We miss you guys! Here’s to finding the perfect job. “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord….” Love you!

    • Thanks, Nicole! Yes, we do get along quite well with our new friends, Annie and Blaise. They are awesome. Blaise is pretty great at posing, as is our dear nephew, whom we miss dearly!! We love you and miss all 5 of you!

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