Good One

We recently uncovered a new gem of a coffee shop here in Auckland.  “Good One” is a cafe located off Ponsonby Street, which possesses a unique flavor all its own.

With its stacks of National Geographic Magazines, tables sorted with an array of artistic literature, unique decor, chill tunes and friendly staff, we couldn’t help but feel at home in this trendy cafe.

Good One is in the front of house of Coffee Supremes (a roaster and coffee goods parts and service provider) Auckland headquarters. They purposefully have a smaller menu than most cafes and offer other brew methods such as chemex and pour over filter available, shifting the focus of their cafe back to coffee rather than food. I got talking to the barista and found out that the ‘boxer’ blend they were using had robusta beans in it. For those of you who are not coffee fanatics, robusta beans are typically a significantly lower quality bean with a much higher caffeine content. He explained to me that many coffee roasters in NZ have begun using robusta in their blends, because they can get better results using the higher end robusta beans which cost equal to or less than using the lower quality arabica beans. I was a little scared by this so I decided to have the espresso in a cap instead of straight up. I will try it though, sometime. The cap was good but I think that the espresso by itself may be a a bit of a punch in the face. I think thats why they call it ‘boxer’.

We are looking forward to getting down to Wellington sometime, which is, from what we hear, the coffee capital of NZ.  The Coffee Supreme guys down there at Customs Brew Bar have a Slayer and feature 9 single origins with four brew methods available. Sexy! Mojo headquaters are down there as well and I guess they are doing some real good things. More coffee ramblings to come.


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