‘Oh precious vessel, won’t you enchant me with your beautiful voice once more?’

We recently enjoyed a taste of NZ art and culture by attending a gallery opening for an art exhibit by David Blackburn, the son of our friends, Nathan and Leonie.

David’s exhibit, entitled “This is Not a Rehearsal,” is currently on display at the Satelite Gallery in Auckland City, and features a collection of unique sculpture pieces reflecting the human condition that we found to be very thought provoking.

A series of 6 sculptures were featured in violin cases fashioned by the artist himself.

The first piece in the collection, featured below, is entitled “‘Oh precious vessel, won’t you enchant me with your beautiful voice once more?’”

This piece was a favorite of many, including the artist’s parents.  The next piece is entitled “Nurse.”

In contrast to the others pieces in violin cases, which were open and filled with thoughtful detail, the unopened violin case sparked much interesting discussion among us.

Most people would just pass by it after comparing it to some of the other pieces, but we drew great meaning from the closed nature of the piece, reflecting that of many people.

The green olives were also nice.

The bag with the wheat, entitled “Patient’s Property” was pretty cool, as it was so different from anything else in the collection.

A few of the pieces were about or belonging to the fictional character ‘Selena.’  The piece below, featuring Selena’s picture, is entitled “Switch.”

One of the most memorable pieces in the gallery was the last piece in David’s collection, entitled “Luer.”

Yep, that is definitely a baby doll hooked up to an IV cord.  The artist’s incredibly cute 4-year old son proudly told us that his dad “made that little baby over there.”

We haven’t been to many gallery openings, so it was a fairly new experience, but we had a good time trying to pry the deepest of meanings from each piece.

A fitting review of David’s exhibit can be found on the Satelite Gallery’s website.


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