It’s a weird thing to try and comprehend the reality of this journey that we are on.  In some ways, it feels like forever since we were living in our spacious basement suite in Millhood back in Edmonton, or drinking Transcend coffee or a Transcend chai, and spending time with friends.  But in other ways, we still experience a strong sense of connectedness to our people back home, thanks to skype, facebook, and traditional letter mail.  We can imagine how much harder it would be to stay in touch without these fabulous technological advancements.

The past 13 weeks have been a whirlwind of new experiences.  We’ve definitely had moments of questioning, “What are we doing here?”  Crazy Kiwis beeping their horns all the time… (no, Kiwis aren’t always super laid back, especially on the road)… it is often when driving or out shopping that I experience the deepest sense of alienation. Like when people are beeping and you have no idea why they’re beeping, or if they’re beeping at you, or when you just want to buy some inexpensive furnishings for your home, but don’t know where the deals are.

Feeling like a foreigner without a deeper sense of belonging can grow tiring.  There are times when it feels instinctive to call up a certain friend to hang out, but that friend isn’t in New Zealand.  We have a strong desire to get more connected and become part of a greater community here, but that process takes time.  We know that this will probably happen to a greater extent once we decide on a church to be a part of, and move out into our own flat.  A teaching job for Mel would also help with that feeling of being settled.  We are trying to not let the “unknowns” of our journey here affect our enjoyment of these times, and embrace the adventures of the present.

There are indeed other moments where it feels so completely natural to be here, almost as if to say “of course we’re in NZ.” The cafe’s the beaches and fresh produce make it feel so right.

We’ve been enjoying writing this blog, both for keeping our friends and family back home updated, as well as a reflection for ourselves.  In contemplating what to include in future blog entries, we would love to hear from you, our loyal blog followers, as to what you would enjoy reading about the most in future posts.  Feel free to post a comment expressing your thoughts on this.


5 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Hey! The flight of the breno poster! yay! We miss you here brother. It’s not quite the same. Getting to the crazy crazy T2 pre-opening stuff. I’m loving the blog guys. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Brendon & Mel,
    I love keeping up with how you are doing.
    I’m so glad you have decided to do the blog. It makes me feel like you are not quite so far away.
    You are doing a great job with the content!
    Love you!

  3. Breno and Mel-
    We love reading your blog and being kept up with your experiences abroad. Your pictures are stunning and make us want to be there too. 🙂
    Love you lots and lots,

    • Thanks, Squires x3! Thanks for your continued love and friendship even while we are on the other side of the world. We love and miss you guys. Thinking of you lots these days. Ah, the thought of another Squires in the world so soon is just heartwarming. Hope you’re hanging in there, Dani. You will do amazingly when the time comes. Love to all 3 of you!!

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