New Zealand Bound: One Little Alli and her Sidekick Courtney

My Sister is on her way to New Zealand!!  24 hours from now, my sister, Allison, and her friend, Courtney, will be here with us in Auckland.  I truly can’t wait, as this has been a visit we have been looking forward to for a quite some time.  I have composed a lengthy list of “must see” places to take them to (within the Auckland area only), but I have a feeling that we may run out of daylight hours before we hit them all up.  I think it will be really cool to have Alli here to experience this place with us, for her to actually see some of the places that we talk about and experience some things, such as the taste of the NZ dairy, which really can’t be adequately described.  It will truly be a special visit, I am sure.

Alli and Courtney will be staying in the guest room of East Wing while they are here.  They plan to rent a car for 5 days and travel around to explore other parts of the North Island.  Alli will be here for three weeks, and Courtney for two.  I am sure that the time will fly by all too quickly, but it is gauranteed that some epic and memorable times will be had.


One thought on “New Zealand Bound: One Little Alli and her Sidekick Courtney

  1. Hey Mel & Brendon
    I’m so glad for you and that Allie is coming. After this experience is all over it’ll be great for you to have someone back home who really understands what you are talking about.
    Have a wonderful visit!

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