A Doctrine and a Bag of Coffee

preamble: It is hard to put pictures corresponding to talking about doctrine so I am going to put up some cool random pics from our time.

Alright, so, alongside my research class (which I may write a bit more about as it starts to come together) I am taking a class on Spirit Christology. I will try to be brief in explaining it and why I like it.  Spirit Christology would be in theological category of a Third Article Theology (TAT). TAT seeks to look at theology primarily from the significance of the Holy Spirit. (I believe in the Holy Spirit … is the third article in the creeds, hence the name.) So my class has been looking at understanding Jesus by looking at the Holy Spirit in his life.

The brand of Spirit Christology that I have been learning is very dedicated to being orthodox, maintaining the Definition of Chalcedon particularly comes into focus. This perspective of viewing Christ is very old but tended to be held by people who were heretical for other reasons, so it got weeded out and Logos Christology has for thousands of years been the go to Christology (for many good reasons). Logos Christology emphasizes that Jesus is God, and and it is difficult to maintain a 100% human idea of Jesus, especially with all the necessary chalcedonian requirements. A Spirit Christology then emphasizes that  Jesus is human, and then by understanding how the Spirit worked in his life comes to the conclusion that He is also God! So it starts from below and ends up above.

So the brief argument goes like this. Jesus was born somehow through the Holy Spirits action. He was fully god and fully man throughout his whole life. Had total human nature, and total Godly nature, It was the Spirit within him that mediated or filtered his God-ness to his man-ness. Presumably the Spirit mediated differently at different times in his life, (Baby Jesus was probably not aware that He was God). On the cross, sin makes it so that the Spirit cannot mediate between his two natures and the disconnect is felt by all members of the Trinity. Spirit is the resurrecting power, and still present with him.

I like this doctrine cause it makes sense. It makes the concept of having a complete Man complete God person seem more available, than the logos Christology which has, not in words but in belief, basically not taken Jesus’ humanity seriously. There are a lot of implications to the doctrine most of which are good I think. I like it, and I figure I won’t be without it now that I have it.


So when Al came she brought with her a bag of fresh roasted ethiopian Amaro Gayo Natural with her. Back when I started working at transcend, I totally loved coffee, but I didn’t really know that coffee could taste like crazy berries and cream in your face awesome. So when I had this coffee for the first time, I knew I had taken a new step in my relationship with coffee! It was amazing! So it was the first coffee that I really fell in love with.

So needless to say, I was really excited that Alli brought some for me. One of the things I really like about coffee is coffee-people. And sharing a really great coffee with coffee-people who appreciate it as much as you do was just what I wanted to do with this little bag of special coffee!

While I was touring Al and Courtney around in Auckland downtown, we stopped in at little b (see post we did a while ago). Anyway Maddy and Jestah were there and made two rounds of the Gayo on the syphon with the burner that Jestah made. It was… well really good. The second go was really great! In the syphon it maintained its good soft body and the clean berry was awesome, even got a bit of black cherry in the finish! Yah it was exciting.

The next day my friend Mark let me borrow his car so I could make the cupping at espresso workshop. Andrew, Kayoko, Travis (who came third at the Auckland BC’s), David, and I got to enjoy it there on the table, and then a round on the pour over, which was like fruit punch- clean, acidic, berry love in your mouth.

The next day we went to espresso workshop cafe and gave a taste to the cafe staff. Then after giving some of the beans to Ben, Andrew and David there wasn’t too much left; regrettably, I got them to grind the rest for me which I extracted with a French Press and shared with people at the college who had not tasted a coffee like that before I’m sure!

Anyway so I have been both thinking and making coffee over here, but more of the former than the later. Thanks Al and transcend for the coffee, and thank you, reader, for following our adventures and reading our sometimes long words!

-Grace and Peace


2 thoughts on “A Doctrine and a Bag of Coffee

  1. Hi Brendon; I really find your explanation very interesting.I am almost finished a Beth Moore study on the Fruit of the Spirit,and she uses the examples of Jesus & Holy Spirit a lot.There are several references re. the relationship.Good Stuff.Keep studying and keep sharing!
    Much love to you both! Nanny.

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