Alli in the Zeal

On Monday, the 17th of May, we regrettably put our dear sister, Alli, on a plane back to North America.

It was sad saying goodbye, but we did indeed have some great and memorable times together while she was in NZ with us.

Many a picture was taken. [Above: At Corban Wineries, atop Mt. Eden]

Majestic sights were seen, and photographed thoroughly.  [Above: Sting Ray Bay, Cathedral Cove]

Mountains (or large rock formations) were conquered.  [Lion Head Rock at Piha]

Good food was enjoyed among good people. [Above: Our first homemade Pavlova (traditional Kiwi meringue dessert topped with whipped cream and other delicious things), roadtrip out to Coromandel with friends Mark, Laurel, & Brandon]

We had ourselves a nice taste of NZ art and culture at a local market, as well as the Auckland Museum,

and enjoyed a scenic train ride on the Driving Creek Railway in Coromandel.

Many a cafe was visited, and numerous long blacks (Americanos) were consumed.  For the record, Alli says her best long blacks were experienced at Ben and Espresso Workshop, along with a random cafe in Cambridge.

It was so cool to have Alli come and share in this adventure of ours, meet our new friends, and see the places where life happens for us these days.  It’s neat to have someone back home now who understands when we talk about making a run to the Pak N Save, or going out to eat at our favorite food joint, Bon Appetite Italian Restaurant.  It was a truly special time that we greatly cherish.

Who will be next to visit us here in this magical land of kiwis, pavlova, and ginger beer?  Will it be YOU?


One thought on “Alli in the Zeal

  1. i LOVE you guys! Thanks for such a monumental experience!

    p.s. the crying pic is probably the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen, hey? Admit it…


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