For the love of meat pies and other things Kiwi

This post is dedicated to some of the noteworthy things that Kiwis love, beginning with…

1.  Pies.  Kiwis love their pies.  Meat pies, lamb pies, mince pies, any kind of savoury pie and they love it.  You can find them hot or frozen in the grocery store, at stands in malls, most cafes sell a version of a pie, and you can order them any day of the week at the school I teach at.  There were even mobile pie vendors at the Movies in the Parks events we went to in the summer.  Brendon has dabbled in the pie scene here a bit and has tasted his share of mainly good, but a few questionable, pastry creations.

2.  Roundabouts.  Kiwis love the roundabout, or traffic circle, at intersections.  While they are few and far between in Edmonton, roundabouts are frequent here, and if you don’t know the rules, you are in for some fun.  As long as you “give way” to the person coming on your right, though, there are usually no collisions.

3.  “As.”  Kiwis love tacking on the word “as” to describe anything.  Sweet as, cool as, pretty as, kiwi as, hot as, bad as… you get the picture.  The word “as” can easily be mistaken for “ass” if you’re not familiar with Kiwi slang, so there were definitely a few times that were taken aback during our first week here.  “Those waves are bad-as,” a Kiwi might say.  It seems to be the younger generations that use these expressions the most.

4.  “ies.”  Kiwis love the use of the suffix “ies” on the end of words.  It makes their dialect sound a bit like baby talk, but we think they’ve got some pretty cute words.  Brickies (bricklayers), posties (mail deliverers), sunnies, (sunglasses), sparkies (electricians), greasies (fish & chips) and toasties (toasted sandwiches) are just a handful of “ies” words you’ll hear Kiwis throw around on a regular basis.

Sausage Sizzle

5.  Sausage sizzles.  That’s right, Kiwis, do love their sausage sizzles, a.k.a. a communal event in which people partake in the eating of grill-fired sausages.  Similar to the Canadian bbq, it’s a great way to feed a hungry crowd in the summertime.  Served in a bun, Kiwis down these tubes of processed meat like no one’s business.  We recently had our own sausage sizzle on the beach with friends on Anzac Day.  Our friend, Brandon, is seen here cooking some high quality gourmet sausages (a distinct step above the odd mixture of meat and process that goes into the regular ones) to perfection.  This Canadian can sizzle sausages as good as any Kiwi we know.


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