Hopskotch Dance: delighted to meet you

The other night, Brendon planned a surprise date night for us.  Though I didn’t have a clue this event was even happening, Brendon had gotten us tickets to attend a hip hop performance by a local dance company (I have a pretty amazing and thoughtful husband, I know.)  I was pretty stoked about the idea of a live dance show without knowing much about who would be performing, but from the moment that the opening dance sequence began, I knew that I was in for a real treat.

The company putting on the show was Hopskotch Dance.  Founded by Josh Mitikulena and Kat Walker in 2007, Hopskotch began as a community-driven short term project based crew, but has more recently developed aims to evolve into a company of international standard.  Without knowing much of the background of the company, except that they are fairly recently established, I could tell that this dance company was not into replicating the moves of Hollywood or MTV.  Their numbers exuded vibrancy, positivity, originality, and spunk.  Their show that evening, entitled “Musicality,” played up this theme by featuring dances to everything from baroque pop, to funk, to Traditional Chinese, electro, and acoustic music.

There was some intense krump action by guest performers City Trouble,

as well as a little cypher battling between guest crews Infinite Styles and Supreme Kids.

Overall, I was impressed with the variety of dance and music genres represented, as well as with the ethos of the company. The performance was most stimulating and refreshing.   After I got home and had a chance to take a look at their website, I disovered that Hopskotch aspires to  “inspire and motivate people through dance and to continue to use their talents to help others.”  I like that… almost reminds me of another dance company I am quite fond of back home in Edmonton…  Attending the show was most definitely inspiring and thought provoking.  I liked what was going on here.

I hope in future weeks that I can get to know this Hopskotch dance company a little bit.


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