New school, new students, new beginnings

I went in one day this past week for a tour of my new school, and to meet my new students.  They were just darling, let me tell you.

After being introduced to my new class, two boys came up to me and ever-so politely introduced themselves to me.  “I’m (Calum), and this is (Toby), and this is for you.”  They handed me a pretty little hairpin.  How sweet…

I got asked all kinds of questions…

“Do you spend lots of time on Youtube?”

“Do you like apples?”

“Do you get angry lots?”

And the question I get asked more often than any others, “Do you know Justin Bieber?”

The boy who had given me the hairpin also raised his hand to comment during the question time, “You have nice hair.”  Oh boy.

The kids seemed curious to feel me out, and also eager for change.  “Can we get a new seating plan?” asked one discontent student.  “Are you going to redecorate?”

Yes, I will definitely be redecorating over the 2-week break that’s coming up.  I wish I had some of my creatively-inspired friends/family here to help me with the task of completely redoing a room.  While I definitely appreciate creative decor, I struggle with having a strong vision for transforming a space.  I can be so indecisive when it comes to decorating.  I suppose I’ll just have to roll with it.

I was a little disappointed to find out that students at my new school do not wear school uniforms.  The one thing that kept me from being confused as a student… oh well, the parents will just have to get used to the fact that their child’s teacher is petite and youthful-looking.  I was surprised to find out that at my new school, I have choice of whether to be called by my first name or “Mrs. N…..” by the students.  While many teachers do go by their first names, I definitely went the formal route and requested that they call me by my title and surname.

Needless to say, I definitely got positive vibes from being at the school.  I was welcomed very warmly by the staff and students alike.  Adorned with various types of palm trees and other large deciduous trees, the campus is truly lovely.  There were some very inspiring classrooms, which I will be returning to for decorating ideas.  I am so exited to be able to be a part of this vibrant and caring educational community.  I think it will be an awesome place to grow as a teacher, and a place where I can utilize my gifts and strengths as well.

I go in again this Wednesday for a more formal introduction to the school and my new position, and will attend my first staff meeting on this day.  I officially begin my position on July 15th with two days of staff planning, and then begin Term 3 with my new students on July 19th.

We will have “heaps” of fun together, I am sure…


5 thoughts on “New school, new students, new beginnings

  1. When I was in the Philippines, a lot of the kids asked me if I knew Justin Bieber. This question was generally followed by: “Is he a gay?”

  2. I am so excited for you Mel. You’ll have so much fun and you have so much to offer your students. They are lucky!

    Happy Redecorating!!

  3. That’s so exciting, Mel! You will do an amazing job there, they are lucky to have you! I forget, do they go to school all year round there? Oh, and we must must must Skype again soon. We both miss you guys a lot!

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