Canada Day, on the other side of the world

This past weekend, we got our red and white on, and hooked up with two other Canadian couples, Brandon and Kristen, and Dale and Amber, to celebrate our Nation’s birthday.  How does one celebrate Canada Day on the other side of the world?   I started looking online for some ideas.

eHow lists five steps to celebrating our Nation’s birthday.

Step 1, according to eHow, is: Enjoy a day off work. I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy this liberty due to the fact that I didn’t get a call to relief teach. Our friend Mark, however, who works as an OT, tried but was sadly unsuccessful in his endeavors to get the day off for his nation’s birthday.

Step 2: Display the Canadian flag. The Canadian flag was displayed, alright- on my face!  Yep, it was prime opportunity to bust out the package of Canadian tatoos that my Mom had sent.  Kristen also made an edible version of the flag- which also happened to be made of chocolate, and gluten free.

Step 3:  Watch a parade. We were unfortunately unable to take in a parade this year.  Perhaps next year, we’ll stage our own parade in downtown Auckland.

Step 4: View fireworks. Taking in a good fireworks show is definitely something I missed this year.  While we could have purchased and set off our own fireworks somewhere, we decided to have ourselves a nice fire indoors.  Brandon built us a lovely fire in his indoor fireplace, providing great warmth and ambience for our gathering.

We also took the opportunity to make ourselves some s’mores with the typical NZ pink and white marshmallows.  I find it very interesting that NZ’s marshmallows only come in a mixed variety of white and pink.  It is absolutely impossible to find a bag of purely white marshmallows.  The pink ones have a slight artificial cherry flavor, and the white ones taste similar to normal, although they are certainly no Jet-Puffed.  The texture is slightly different; they are softer and less chewy, and possibly a bit sweeter too.  They toasted up alright though, and made for some pretty decent s’mores.

Step 5:  Have a feast. Oh we had a feast, alright.  Thai wraps, calamari, homemade guac and salsa, and a delicious chocolate mousse made out of tofu were among the delicacies consumed that evening.

It was an evening of great food and great people to share it with.  How truly special it was to celebrate Canada Day with our new Canadian friends on the other side of the world.


One thought on “Canada Day, on the other side of the world

  1. Sounds like you had a great day! You should indeed have your own parade next year. Perhaps with a homemade float. Oh, and the float should also include as many stereotypical Canadian things as possible, just like the closing ceremony performance at the Olympics, with giant paper mache RCMP officers, beavers, hockey players…and maybe some poutine and maple syrup for good measure. 🙂

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