Our most recent projects…

Over the past two weeks, we have undertaken some pretty major projects.  These have included moving, setting up a classroom, writing a 10,000 word paper, and acquiring some furniture for our new place.

We have had success with 3 of them, and one is still a work in progress.  The move went over alright.  We are really enjoying our new place.  The location is working great for us, and it has been so awesome living just a 10-minute walk or a 1-minute drive away from Mel’s new school.

Setting up a classroom is a big job.  What I began with was a basically-empty room, with the walls stripped bare, aside from one.  I probably spent way too much time staring at the walls and wondering where to start, but gradually, the ideas started to come.

I decided to go with sort of an owl motif, you know… a symbol of wisdom.

I was starting to get a bit overwhelmed with the task, until Mimi, Annie, and Blaise Keel came in to help one day.

Mimi, being a teacher herself, was full of creative ideas and very skilled in the ways of classroom decor.  Before I knew it, I had bulletin boards and a large tree up on the wall, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and all the desks and furniture nicely arranged.  Don’t know what I would have done without those great friends of ours… With a few more days’ work, and the help of Brendon, last minute touches were made and the classroom was looking… ready for children.

Though the walls still have still lots of blank spaces, I’m sure I’ll be able to fill those up soon after we pump out some art projects in class.

For the past month, Brendon has been working on a humongous paper that he just submitted yesterday.  To sum it up quite briefly, his paper was on conceptual metaphor and its role in the method of theology.  I’m sure that once he gets a chance to wind down after the stress of typing out this big project, he’ll give you a more detailed briefing of what he’s been working on.

As far as furniture goes, we are happy to say that we are now down one nasty fridge, and up a bed and a table.  Our friend Brandon amazingly fit the fridge in his 4-door Toyota car, and helped us return it to its previous owner, who was kindly willing to take it back.

Our table is even extendable, with the handy feature of a leaf that folds right out from the centre of the table.  Above, the guys are giving a demo of just how easy it is to tuck away the leaf.  The table is, hands down, a much better Trade-Me purchase than that fridge.  We will resume our hunt for furniture this week, after temporarily putting our search on hold until Brendon finished his paper.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with a lot going on.  Our bodies, minds, and spirits are exhausted.  We hope to update again soon, with news about Mel’s first week of teaching, among other things.


5 thoughts on “Our most recent projects…

  1. YOu guys have accomplished so much in just a few weeks! Well done! Love seeing your classroom with the lanterns up and all. Looks amazing!
    Hoping you guys are kicking back a little this weekend. You both deserve it!
    mimi & co.

    • Mimi, couldn’t have done it without you!! Seriously. You, Annie, and Blaise were such a huge help that day. So grateful for your family. We are taking it easy this weekend, and it has been good. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Sending cyber hugs. OOOO Blessing on your first week Mel – your students are so blessed to have you as their teachers. Brendan bubbaloo – we miss you! Football is starting up soon. We will miss you on the sidelines this fall. Keep up the scholarly work!

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