A beautiful day in the neighbourhood, a beautiful day for a neighbour

It was a beautiful winter day; a perfect day, in fact, for a walk about our new neighbourhood, in exploration of who and what surrounds us in our new community.

There are some fun shops within just a few blocks of our place that we were excited to discover.

Directly backing onto our apartment, there is a Persian trading company, which sells all sorts of specialty foods and spices, an Italian restaurant specializing in pizza, a liquor store, and a small dairy (convenient store) with an abundance of fresh-cut flowers out front.

Walk another block, and you will find yourselves in front of the Manisha Superette (a larger convenient store), which is next to Wild Wheat Bread.

Wild Wheat appeared to have some nice-looking ciabatta buns going on through the window, which we will have to inspect more thoroughly in the near future.

Another cool store on our street is “Kristen.”  It’s located in an independent building, and had this sweet, vintage Honda parked out front.  Kristen was closed that day, but it appeared through the windows that it was some sort of women’s clothing store that has great potential.  Can’t wait to go back another day when it’s open to fully scope it out.

Oh, and there’s the local butcher.  I guess this is where we will be purchasing our ham and bacon.  Brendon is pretty pumped to walk down and have the neighborhood butcher recommend him a slab of meat.

There’s also a place called “Dulcie May’s Kitchen,” which features the famous recipes of Dulcie May.  Not sure how many of you have heard of Dulcie May before.  She is new to us, but we intend to get to know her quite well.

About a 15 minute walk up Mt. Eden Road, there is a nice little park to stroll through called the Balmoral Heights Reserve.

We marveled at the gorgeous, pink magnolias that were blooming… in the middle of winter.  I suppose that’s one cool thing about winter here; it’s not like everything outside completely dies or turns brown.  There are still a number of plants that bloom this time of year, keeping our hopes for the return of summer alive.

So now that we’ve got our butcher, our baker, and our local Persian grocer, I think we are pretty well set up here in our new neighbourhood.


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