Sweet, glorious refridgeration

Refridgeration, sweet, glorious refridgeration, is ours once again.  We snagged this beauty of a fridge off Trade-Me last week for a pretty sweet price.  And this one- cockroach free!

Our friends Amber and Dale helped us pick up and move our new purchase.

What was I most excited to refridgerate?


And a big block of Tasty cheese, known in North America as cheese of the white cheddar variety.  I am pretty stoked to now be able to keep frozen berries in the house too.

Along with a fridge, we also got a couch!  Also a Trade-Me buy.

The addition of a couch has made the hugest difference in helping our place feel like a home.  Finally, something to collapse into at the end of the day!

Our favorite aspect of the couch is probably its dual-napping feature.  The chaise makes it possible for two people to nap on the couch at once. What a marvelous concept!  Mel has tested the couch out pretty much every evening this week, and has confirmed that the couch is indeed great for falling asleep on.

It’s been a big week in the Neilson household, as far as home furnishings go.

The further addition of some bedside tables, fashioned from some wicker baskets, along with a table lamp that was a steal of a deal, have made our place feel like even more of a home, although they pale in necessity to the couch and the fridge.

You may be surprised, but living without a fridge for 5 weeks was really not that bad.  Our friends, Brandon and Kristen, lent us their cooler, which functioned as a fridge when filled with ice a couple times a week.  Nevertheless, we are definitely thankful to have a more permanent form of refrigeration at our disposal now.  It’s funny how you take things like having a fridge for granted, until you find yourself without one.  Now a trip to the refridgerator to grab some yogurt or a cold drink feels like more of a luxury than a right.


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