Sunrise on the Mount

We were out in Mt. Maunganui for another relaxing weekend out at the family bach.  Dale and Amber were out there too, so a party for 6 was on the agenda.

Dale had the brilliant idea to get up early to watch the sunrise from on top of the Mount.  Being aware that it might not be worth it to get up and hike the Mount if the sky wasn’t going to deliver some pretty amazing views, we sent Dale ahead to scope the scene.  The scout came back forecasting conditions for an epic sunset, so the rest of us got up, some more reluctantly than others, and headed out for a morning trek with hopes of an unforgettable show in the sky.

It was 6:20am when our party of 6 began our ascent up the Mount.  By 6:55, we had made it to the summit, and were ready with our cameras to watch the sky light up.

We sat, and waited.



Then, all of a sudden, the sun made its spectacular appearance over the horizon.

It was a glorious morning sunrise, and totally worth getting up at quarter to six to share these beautiful sights and quiet hours of the early morning with friends.


One thought on “Sunrise on the Mount

  1. I’m so happy that you are doing all these interesting things,thus making memories that will so much future joy! May you continue to be blessed with such good friends! much love to you both.

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