This past week has been filled with a few unexpected surprises.

Surprise #1. In New Zealand, drivers are required to get their vehicles inspected to obtain a new Warrant of Fitness every 6 months.  Unfortunately, our car, Baby Shea, did not pass this time. I had no idea that I would have to deal with car issues while Brendon was away, which is really not my area of specialty. Leery of venturing into the sketchy world of mechanics, I waited to have our mechanically-inclined friend Brandon check out the car, and he couldn’t find any problem where the inspector had noted. We were all a little confused about what to do at this point.

Surprise #2. Baby Shea got towed! I mistakenly parked in a spot that was only legal to park in after 9am, and at 8:55am, I saw Baby Shea being dragged away by the tow-truck. I felt super sad going to pick Baby Shea up from the compound. It was like going to pick up your friend from prison. To see her in there in the dark garage behind the wired fence, it was not a happy sight, let me tell you.

Surprise #3. Being slammed with over $300 worth of fines for the parking violation and towage, as well as having an expired Warrant of Fitness. 

I am happy to report, however, that at a trip to the mechanic was scheduled, a washer on the break hose was tightened, and a renewed Warrant of Fitness has now been granted.  Baby Shea is now certified to be cruising the streets once again.

Surprise #4. My hair is unexpectedly short again. Never again will I go to a training salon.  Not wanting to shell out $80 for a haircut (that’s what it costs here), I went to a hair academy training salon, where it is significantly less expensive.  I had gone there previously and had a positive experience, but never again.  The punk kid who cut my hair took 3 hours to give me a cut that was everything that I told him I did not want. The only part I like about it is my bangs, or “fringe” as they say here.  That’s because the head instructor cut them.  If only Katherine, my beloved and trusted hair stylist from Edmonton, were here to make things all better.

Surprise #5. The kindness and generosity of friends who are willing to go to great lengths to help out.  Enough said.

Not all surprises are bad.


14 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Oh no!! that’s terrible about your car! 😦
    even though your hair isn’t what you wanted, it still looks super cute on you!! 🙂
    much love and i’m praying for you! 🙂

  2. OH Mel!!! For what it’s worth, I think your hair looks great! You know you can own any style. As for Shea…. poor baby Shea…. I feel very sad for her, sniff, sniff. Here’s to a less “surprising” next week!

  3. Your new do it perfect – very trendy! Love it on you Melanie. We’re a little easier on our cars here in Saskatchewan – if it never leaves the province – it never needs an inspection – not sure whether that’s good or bad!?

  4. Mel,you are a brave girl to have faced and conquered all those “surprises”! Bless you. The button arrangement is cute. I actually did some of that….and still have lots of buttons!

  5. I’ve had similar training salon experiences. I once spent an entire apointment talking about how terrible I looked with triangular haircuts. No prizes for guessing what the stylist gave me XP

  6. Mel!
    I adore the hair…I also just went to a training school and received the $12 haircut…4 inches shorter than I had asked…Love reading about your New Zealand adventures!

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