When the Boy’s away…

I’ve been trying to “live it up,” as per Brendon’s request, as much as I can while he is away. 

By “living it up,” I’m talking about going to the beach and getting a tan, going for pedicures, and enjoying the good grace of my affluent husband.  Just kidding.  I’m actually talking about staying up as late as I want to work on creative projects and write report cards.  I’m also talking about taking spontaneous naps in the day, whenever I feel the urge (although I usually refrain at school).  Sometimes, this means more than one.  Late nights and daytime naps…brings me right back to the days of my crazy college years.  What great times those were.

I’ve been going for lots of runs and trying to capitalize on the sunny weather by sitting outside on our patio any chance I can get.    

It’s been wonderful leaving our large French doors open, to not only let more sunlight in, but also some fresh spring air.    

I have to say, however, that pizza for one is just not as enjoyable as pizza for two.  My desire to cook has been fairly low, so that means simpler meals, and thankfully our awesome friends have been inviting me over lots.  [This is to say that our subscription to the vege box has been put on hold until Brendon returns.]

And thank goodness for skype!  Even though I would much prefer Brendon to be here in person, the second best thing is to see his handsome face on the computer screen.  I’ve been able to talk to Brendon most days and he reports that he is doing well. 

The service for his grandfather was beautiful, and Brendon was glad that he could be there to take part in it.  His time in New Brunswick since has been filled with lots of good family time.  One of the highlights of this trip for Brendon was going out with his grandmother to her cabin.  The two went for a walk on the beach that evening and watched a beautiful sunset together.  The next day, Brendon was able to help Nanny with some repairs on the cabin that needed to be done before the winter.  It was special that Brendon could spend that time with Nanny, and to be able to help with some things. 

It was great for him to reconnect with his family, too.  The gaping 8-hour time difference between the East Coast of Canada and New Zealand makes it challenging to stay in touch as well as we would like. 

Brendon is now in Edmonton.  First stop on his list had to be Transcend Coffee’s new Garneau location.  I’m not sure which he enjoyed more: The glorious cup of clover-brewed coffee, the waffle with rosemary whipped cream, or the sight of familiar faces.  All 3 were pleasing to the soul, I am sure.

I know that Brendon has been throughly enjoying time in Edmonton, reuniting and catching up with our dear friends and loved ones.   It’s an odd yet comforting sight to see Brendon on skype next to our family members, whom we have missed so very much over the time we have been away.  Last week was a hard week, but perhaps this week has been harder, thinking of all the joyful reunions I am missing out on in our homeland.  My heart SO wishes I could be there.

It worked out well that Brendon could attend the wedding of our friends Andrew and Morgan, the Oilers’ season opener, along with Thanksgiving dinner with my family while he was back.  Talk about lucking out with timing.

He’ll be back soon- only 3 more sleeps!   As much fun as it has been to “live it up” on my own, I am sure looking forward to being on the same continent as my Boy once again.


2 thoughts on “When the Boy’s away…

  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving Melanie. What a surprise for me to see Brendan at your Mom and Dad’s house in that picture. Our beautiful Fall weather will soon come to an end I am afraid – he was lucky not to run into snow on the Prairies. Love you!

  2. Such a good entry.Nice to see your family,- and Brendon enjoying the west. We had a really great day at the cottage and he made dinner,which was delicious! You will need a little holiday for YOU when he gets home. Love, Nanny.

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