We couldn’t quite make it work to get everyone together for Thanksgiving, and some of our friends will have family here at Christmas, so Thanksmas it was!

We celebrated Thanksmas this past weekend in Auckland- a rare and special occurance it was to have all 8 of us together. 

The girls got things started early in the day with some Christmas crafting. 

Listening to Christmas music and making Christmas ornaments, while drinking iced tea and knowing it is +25 degress outside, was an altogether odd experience.  The familiar sounds of Easy Rock 104.9, Edmonton’s station for non-stop Christmas music, filled the air (via online broadcast) and brought us great delight.  Hearing about rushhour traffic on the Whitemud and Quesnell Bridge was all too familiar and heartwarming (not that traffic on the Whitemud is ever a good thing).  It was just nice to hear those well-known places mentioned again. 

We reminsced about days that seemed not long ago, of snowy holiday seasons where people retreat indoors to fireplaces and cozy rooms lit up with lights.  Do we miss the snow?  I don’t know about that… but Christmas during summertime in the Southern Hemisphere does feel a bit… out of place. 

Together, a Thanksmas feast was prepared. 

There were some serious chefs in the kitchen.

On the menu: Roast lamb, maple glazed salmon, along with some summer salads and roast veges. 

This is, by no means, traditional holiday fare, but definitely appropriate for the warm season that is upon us.

Thanks was given for a bounty of blessings.  The Christmas crackers were a real hit post-dinner.

Some good laughs were had that evening.

The music was festive.

So were the desserts:  Laurel made these delicious gluten free mini pumpkin pies.  I made some Christmas Kisses.

Have we started a new tradition here?  Quite possibly so.


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