Brendon and Mel Trivia

As promised, here are the Brendon and Mel Trivia questions for all of our family and friends back home to take part!

You can email your answers to us at, or send them via a facebook message to either of us, if you prefer.

When submitting your trivia answers, be sure to include your mailing address, (if we don’t already have it.)  Those with the top 3 scores will receive a personalized postcard directly from Brendon and Mel.  Good luck!  We look forward to seeing the responses pour in!!




QUESTION 1: To what location did Brendon and Mel have their first unofficial date “alone”?

a) Tim Hortons

b) Boston Pizza

c) Starbucks

d) 7-11

(4 points)


QUESTION 2: What did Brendon arrange for their first official date?

a) Dinner at the Sawmill, followed by Handle’s Messiah at the Winspear, with a stretch limo waiting outsid

b) A home-made candle-lit dinner followed by live jazz

c) A magical, snow-covered walk through the river valley, hand-holding ice skating, followed by warm beverages at Starbucks

d) These were our first 3 dates (all of the above)

(5 points)


QUESTION 3: When Melanie was a teenager, she had a fairly obvious obsession with:

a) Justin Timberlake

b) Berry tea

c) Leonardo Dicaprio

d) The Olsen Twins

(3 points)


QUESTION 4: If Brendon and Mel’s two main childhood sports were combined, you would have:

a) Dancesketball (breakdance at the 3-point line)

b) Full contact figure skating (football on ice)

c) Base dance (a form of baseball requiring dancing from one base to the next)

d) Footnastics (football incorporating spring boards and balance beams)

(3 points)


QUESTION 5: Brendon and Mel’s favorite soundtrack for driving at dusk is:

a) Jimmy Eat World

b) The Fray

c) Sufjan Stevens

d) U2

(5 points)


QUESTION 6: Before Brendon found coffee, he…

a) was quite into trees of all sorts

b) planned car ralleys, camping trips, and excursions to the corn maze

c) worked out everyday, and got paid to do it

d) all of the above

(4 points)


QUESTION 7: For their first year of marriage, Brendon and Mel lived…

a) in a basement with a family of 5 above us

b) in the basement of a condo we shared with another couple

c) in Mel’s parents’ basement

d) in a ridiculously cold basement with mice

(4 points)


QUESTION 8: Our favorite vehicle we have ever owned was/is:

a) a 1983 red Honda Mascot scooter (aka. Scooter Thomas)

b) a 1987 Relient K car (aka. K)

c) a 1991 Honda Civic Si, teal green with hatchback and sunroof (aka. Celeste)

d) a 1993 Suzuki Alto, 4 doors, 660 cc’s (aka. Baby Shea)

(5 points)


[The total is out of 33.]



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