Our Mountain down the road

People of all ages flocked to the top of Mt. Eden recently to show their love for their Mountain, in lieu of

Mt. Eden is a cinder cone volcano that stands 196m above sea level, with a spectacular bowl-like crater that is 50m deep.  As the highest natural point in all of Auckland, Mt. Eden offers stunning 360 degree views of the city.  With its last erruption being over 15, 000 years ago, Mt. Eden is currently in a dormant state.  Thankfully, because of the type of volcanoes in the Auckland volcanic field, it is unlikely that Mt. Eden, nor any of the other existing volcanoes in the area, will erupt again.

Mt. Eden, or Maungawhau, is a site that is significant to Maori history within the Auckland area.  In Maori, its name means “Mountain of the Whau tree,” and in English, the name pays tribute to George Eden, the first Earl of Auckland.From about 800 years ago, the Maori people built a pa (fortified village site) on the Mt. which was eventually abandoned in the 1700’s.  With its historical significance, Mt. Eden’s cone and crater are protected by law.  Signs ask people to show respect for the sacredness and geological signficance of the area by NOT climbing down into the crater.

While we are fairly well acquainted with our mountain and visit it regularly, a new experience for us was a visit to the Garden of Eden.  I had seen a photoshoot done there on NZ’s Next Top Model and was very excited to finally snap some pictures in there myself.

Tucked away on the side of Mt. Eden, Eden Garden is one of Auckland’s hidden treasures.  While the Garden was not as extensive as I thought it might be, it did have some lovely koi-filled ponds, along with a stunning waterfall.

We admired the lush vegetation and vibrant fleurs.

Eden’s Garden is home to some lovely birds, including the most majestic pigeons,

and a chicken.

There is a cute cafe amidst the garden’s lush vegetation that would make the perfect setting for a mid-afternoon tea.

A nude statue amidst bushes satisfies the biblical imagery of the garden’s name.

Quiet, peaceful, and full of rare and exotic sights… Eden’s Garden is the kind of place that I know our grandmothers would appreciate, and would be neat to explore together. Luckily, Brendon’s grandmother and mother will soon be on there way here, so we will have the chance to stroll through and enjoy these lovely gardens with both of them.

We have enjoyed many a picnic atop Mt. Eden, taken many a photo, caught many a sunset, and done many a trek up and down this dormant volcano.

We do love our Mountain.


3 thoughts on “Our Mountain down the road

  1. Looooove the pictures. You are really making me think a trip to New Zealand should be on my ‘bucket list’! Thanks for sharing once again!

  2. We are in the midst of two feet of snow in the yard and anxiously awaiting all the kids at the doorstep for Christmas. Those exotic flowers are so beautiful but just a dream from here.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Auntie Liz! It’s a bit weird having a warm Christmas, but there certainly lots to be experienced this time of year. You should come!! Hope you have a lovely Christmas surrounded by family. Much love from NZ.

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