Three Mrs. Neilsons in the Zeal

Three Mrs. Neilsons can be a lot to handle.

But if anyone can handle them, Breno can.

Brendon’s mother, Fay, and grandmother, Nanny, joined us in New Zealand a week ago.  After a long and drawn-out journey all the way from the East Coast of Canada, Nanny and Fay proved to be very resilliant and brave travelers, feeling surprisingly well-rested upon arrival, despite an additional 14 hours of travel time along the way (thanks, Air Canada.)

Nanny and Fay have been livin it up over here in NZ.

We’ve been hittin the beaches a little,

and taking in as many of the beautiful sights and majestic wonders of NZ as the daylight hours will allow.

Nanny and Fay are doing a great job of keeping up to the rigorous schedule Mel has planned for their visit.

These are special times with special people, and we are trying to cherish all the moments that we get to share together here.


2 thoughts on “Three Mrs. Neilsons in the Zeal

  1. Hope everyone from Canada is having a great time in New Zealand and know that we are wishing we were there with you right now! The girls in the office are all planning their annual week long visit to Mexico but they can’t beat NZ from everything I see on your blog. HAVE FUN!!!

  2. It was great hanging out with you guys on our vacation and lovely to meet the other 2 Mrs. Neilsons! I hope you are continuing to have a great time.

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