Dill Pickles and other delights

We’ve had a blast with our East Coast visitors here in NZ, and can’t believe it’s nearly time for them to go.

Fay and Nanny have been wonderful guests, and have done a remarkable job embracing the Kiwi ways and taking in as many new experiences as they can handle.

“Bring it on!” says Nanny.

We love the adventurous nature of these two.

Our dear Nanny snuck this ziplock bag filled with a mysterious white substance in her suitcase, for the purpose of making us dill pickles!  (A delicacy we have been deprived of since our arrival in NZ).

Nanny is so kind-hearted thoughtful.  And tricky.

Fay brought graham cracker crumbs and vanilla pudding mix to make Flannigan Fancies, a favorite Neilson family Christmas treat.

The Flannigan has arrived in the Zeal!

We enjoyed many a picnic together- atop volcanoes, and by the sea.

We swam in a natural hot pool, tucked away in the quiet of NZ’s geothermal interior.

One evening, we took at boat ride tour down a creek that runs off of Lake Karapiro to view ridges full of glowworms.  Tiny and lit up like mini LED lights, it reminded us of a massive Light-Bright from the days our youth.

We strolled through many a garden.  Yes, MANY a garden.

And even had a tea party.  Or two.

It’s been so special to have Nanny & Fay meet the people and places that have become so dear to us over the past year.

The times shared and the memories made with these two incredible Neilson ladies will truly stay with us for a lifetime.


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