Full House

When I think of 4 adults and 3 kids sharing the same living space, nothing better comes to mind than good old “Full House.”  Now that was some quality, family programming!  The good ol’ days of sitting down with the fam at 7:00 to watch little Michelle, Stephanie, and DJ grow up under the care of the completely cheesy Danny Tanner, along with funny Uncle Joey, hip Uncle Jessie, and cool Aunt Becky… good times.   The youth of today are truly missing out. 

I guess you could say we now have a truer understanding “Full House” than ever before.  Two days ago, we went from being a family of 2 to a family of 7.  Brendon’s sister, Nicole, and her husband, Craig, along with their 3 kids, Luke, Naomi, and Wyatt, arrived on the 29th and are staying with us for the next month. 

In the likeness of our car, our place is cute, but small.  So the times in our < 500 sq. foot flat are going to be cozy… and memorable, I am sure. 


3 thoughts on “Full House

  1. Just like PEI in winter when we all lived in the kitchen! (except for sleeping).
    You’ll have lots of fun. I’m reliving NZ with the pictures.

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