Happy Hearts Day

Brendon and I don’t usually do anything huge for Valentine’s Day, but rather, we save our celebrating for two days later, on the anniversary of when we began dating.  Six years of “togetherness” this year!

Valentine’s Day has always been, for me, moreso a family holiday rather than a romantic one.  My mom usually cooks a nice dinner, and the members of the Goodall Fam exchange handmade cards, heart shaped sweets and other heartfelt gifts. 

When I asked my students to raise their hands if they had ever celebrated Valentine’s Day, only about 1/3 of them did.  As you can tell, Kiwis don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day all that well, or get into too many holidays, aside from Christmas. 

While I’m not completely sold on the commercialism of the holiday, I do enjoy our own  family traditions around it.  So while I can’t be there to partake in the festivities of V-day with my family, I will be bringing Valentine’s Day to my students with a little bit of Valentines Reading, Valentines Writing, and Valentines Maths… and maybe a few Valentines sweets as well… although there is a serious lack of heart-shaped ones around.

Sending out heaps of love across the Pacific to all of our peeps back home in Canada and the States.  Love love love to you all.


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