3 in the Zeal

For my niece, Naomi, the highlight of her time in NZ will probably be that she had her birthday here.  This past weekend, Naomi Willow turned 3, and we celebrated with a birthday bash on the beach. 

Brandon and Kristen joined in for the fun and festivities, and even brought along some facepaints and an “N” shaped cake for the birthday girl. 

We sizzled up some sausages (Naomi is a big fan of processed meat), and went for a splash around in the water. 

Some sparklers were lit as we sang “happy birthday” on the beach at St. Helier’s Bay, before indulging in some yummy chocolate cake. 

Things got a bit messy, but it was nothing another dip in the warm ocean water couldn’t take care of.


Memorable times were had that day.  And how special it is that we could all be together to celebrate with our sweet, kind, and spunky niece as she turns 3!


2 thoughts on “3 in the Zeal

  1. You are making such beautiful memories – Oh how wonderful it would be to be there with you – our long and frigid winter is making me yearn for the sun and sand down under.

  2. What a great birthday for Naomi! The grass skirt is so cute. Yummy food, too. She won’t forget her 3rd birthday, thanks to Auntie Mel & Co.

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