When there were 8

It was just a year ago that we picnic’d atop Mt. Eden with Mark and Laurel, the first of our NZ “family”.  From there, we were introduced to Brandon, Kristen, Dale, and Amber, and our Canadian Family abroad was formed.

The 8 of us have shared some amazing times together over the past year, including many a meal, some intense games of pictionary, tea parties, roadtrips, breathtaking sights, a few “extreme” sporting ventures, early morning sunrises, and picnics on beaches and volcanoes.

Sadly. Mark and Laurel are leaving us and heading back to Canada, but not before a few more global adventures.  They have plans to visit Australia, Thailand, Laos, and Japan before making their way back to Alberta.

Last weekend, we got together to send off Mark and Laurel, and for one more last hurrah with all 8 of us.  We enjoyed a lovely evening together at a local brewery near Kumeau called Hallertau.

The boys sampled the beer, while the girls enjoyed the sweet and flavourful fruit wines.  The food, drink, and atmosphere were superb.  Hallertau is highly recommended in our books.

This has been a pretty incredible past year of our lives, mainly due to the people we have met and the experiences we have been able to share together.  Mark and Laurel definitely played a huge part in our story here, and as sad as we are so see them depart, we send them off with love, as they journey on towards new and exciting adventures.


One thought on “When there were 8

  1. Aw, I miss you all already. We are having a great time and are excited to see you on the 17th for one last hang out (in NZ – I”m sure we will hang out again someday in other parts of the world!).

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