We heart Wellington [when it’s not raining]

Last weekend, Mel’s dear friend, Natasha, and her 3 month old son, Micah, made an early morning arrival into the Auckland International Airport. Natasha’s husband, Sean, and sweet one a a half year old daughter, Arabella, unfortunately could not make the trip, but we are absolutely thrilled to have these two special people here with us, and are enjoying catching up, exploring new sights, and galavanting about the country together.

Just 3 hours after their arrival, Mel, Natasha and Micah were back at the airport, boarding a flight to Wellington.  Brendon, who had made the 9 hour drive down to Wellington the day before, met us at the airport, and the 4 of us were off to explore NZ’s capital city!

That Saturday also happened to be the NZ Barista Championships, so Brendon hung out there most of the day while the girls perused the streets of Wellington’s CBD in the rain.  After a few hours of strolling in drizzle and downpour, the girls were thoroughly soaked from head to toe but charmed by the city’s modern architecture and artistic sculptures.  The rain made picture taking a bit of a challenge, and we were fresh out of dry foorwear, so we retired our sopping shoes a bit early that evening, hoping for better weather the next day.  Our wish came true, and the sun came out on Sunday, making for a much more enjoyable way to experience the rest of Wellington’s wonders.

While in Wellington, we were able to hit up both their weekend markets- the Saturday one being more of an arts market, and the Sunday Market being about the fresh produce.  The Saturday Arts Market is highly recommended in our books.

We strolled down Cuba Street, a vibrant/funky street of boutiques and restaurants, but returned to Redcurrent, a funky, thoughtful boutique on Allen St. featuring everything from home decor, to jewelry, to baby wear, to stationary.

We could have spent hours exploring the Te Papa Museum, a gorgeous 6-floor museum  exhibiting stunning architecture, intriguing interactive exhibits, and an inspiring photography gallery by Brian Brake.

As far as the Wellington coffee scene goes, Memphis Belle and Customs Brew Bar are definite places to hit up.  Memphis Bell is a quirky cafe with an eclectic collection of artwork, furniture, and decor pieces that make it an intriguing place to hang out and sip a nice beverage.  Customs Brew Bar had a more of a trendy but refined feel to it.

Overall thoughts of Wellington are that this artistic, cafe-clad city with a compact CBD, is a very cool place to explore by foot- when it’s not raining.

Next update from the South Island!


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