North Island Excursions

After returning from our busy interisland roadtrip, Tash and I spent the last week in Auckland, taking in some of the highlights of this more balmy region.  While the weather definitely could have been better, it was certainly warmer up here than it was down South, making us thankful it was just raining instead of freezing and raining.  And we did try to make the most of it when the sun was shining!  Some of the highlights of our time in Auckland included

A Saturday morning trip to the French Market, where we admired all the delicious French pastries, and Tash picked up the most amazing hot crossed buns.

Easter Dinner and Chinese tea with the “Canadian Fam.”

Strolling the lovely main street of Devonport in the sunshine, and a fun photo session, atop Victoria Hill.

A Zumba photoshoot out at a rainy Piha.  We really wanted to get these photos in, and with the forecast predicting rain all week, we decided to just do it… in the rain.  More photos from the shoot can be viewed here.

It was a real treat to be able to take an intermediate contemporary class together at City Dance one evening.  There was even a sweet, young woman observing in the studio that evening who offered to look after Micah so that Natasha could dance… her kind actions were such a blessing.

A daytrip out to the Coromandel to hit up hot water beach and Cathedral Cove.  While the forecast predicted showers, we thankfully experienced nothing of them!  We were greeted by the brilliant morning sun at our 8:00am arrival to Hot Water Beach, the time of low tide that day.  Two young, entertaining German lads let us share the pool they had already dug, thankfully meaning that we didn’t have to dig our own.

There was a brief shower while we took an intermission in a cafe near hot water beach, but by the time we were ready to tackle Cathedral Cove, the sky had cleared up and it was gorgeous out again.  Amazing.

On Tash’s last night here, we went out for dessert to the Chocolate Boutique, a cute chocolate shop/cafe in Parnell Village that was made famous because Bill Clinton once had tea there during a visit to NZ.  We were extremely lucky to get a table at this popular joint, and thoroughly enjoyed our chocolate tiramisu cheesecake, although the shot of liquified chocolate we ordered was a tad intense on the sweetness level… We were glad we only decided to order one chocolate shot between the two of us!

Looking back, we really did accomplish a lot and see a lot of things over the 7 days Tash & I got to share on the North Island!  Micah was a real trooper, and an awesome baby and traveller.  Miss those two already!!  It was truly special to be able to share this time together.


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