Melbourne over a chai latte.

Brendon and I recently returned from an amazing 5 days in Melbourne, Australia.  Melbourne… what a magnificent city!!  If I could tell you about our trip over a soy chai latte or whatever your favorite beverage might be, here’s what I would say were the highlights.

The Art.

No matter where you go in Melbourne, it is impossible to ignore the art that oozes from the cracks and pores of this city.  The city seems to intrinsically display and create art.  Whether in the smallest back alley to the grandest of buildings, an appreciation for aesthetics is boldly evident.

While enjoying some tasty burgers in the laneway known as Degraves on our first day in the city, we observed a man tacking something up in the alleyway across from us.  We soon realized they were hooks upon which he would hang some painted canvases.  How lovely and random, we thought.  We would soon come to learn that the art in the streets of Melbourne could be explored for days in itself.

Rose St. Market

On my birthday, we visited what is indefinitely the greatest arts/crafts market I have ever been to in my life.  The Rose Street Market blew my mind with the vast array of amazing local designers and crafts congregated all in one place.  After spending quite some time perusing all the fascinating goods to lay eyes on here, we did come out with some treasures!  Our quest to find Breno a new hat was accomplished here, and we even got to meet the lovely girl who made it.

Little Cupcakes

LITTLE CUPCAKES!!!  They are so little and sooo irresistable!!  This charming boutique/cafe on Degraves also sells regular size cupcakes, but the miniature versions are their real hit.  We had to pay several visits to Little Cupcakes over the duration of our stay.  My fave?  It would have been a tie between the Red Velvet and the Pistachio.  Brendon was particularly fond of the Salted Caramel.  I really wished my sisters, Alli and Morgan, could have been there to share in the joy of this adorable cupcake boutique and its awesome vintage decor.

Dining at The Table

One of our greatest dining experiences ever was at The Table.  Located on Fitzroy St. in the neighborhood of St. Kilda, this little gem of a restaurant is unique in its set up, with an open kitchen in view of the ten available tables, making for a very intimate dining experience.  We were made to feel very comfortable right away by our extremely lovely and knowledgeable server, Nikki, and the inviting atmosphere.  Nikki, a trained chef, exhibited a passion for food and an excitement for the menu which was contagious immediately.  Earlier that morning, we had seen James, the chef and owner, arrive with a basket of fresh produce, which he would later use to cook an incredible meal that we will remember for a long time.

Cafe Tour

Equipped with a list of recommended cafes and roasters to hit up while in Melbourne, we were able to successfully check off the majority of stops on our list.  I have to say that I was honestly impressed with the large number of intriguing and appealing cafes in Melbourne.  There are just seriously so many cool cafes!  Influenced by the vibrant arts scene, the aesthetics of most cafes in Melbourne are generally quite spectacular.  A post about the coffee in Melbourne will be coming shortly.

Sushi on St. Kilda Beach

The variable and single digit weather during our trip made the bursts of sunshine (when they happened) very enjoyable.  We arrived at St. Kilda Beach with our sushi takeaways just in time to enjoy the views and our tasty treats as the sun shone down on the sparkling water.   The hostel where we stayed our last 2 nights in Melbourne was about a 15 minute walk from St. Kilda Beach, which had an awesome footpath for running and biking on.

Laneways and Back Alleys

Bustling with people and energy, these laneways and back alleys of Melbourne reveal the character and hidden gems of the down town core.  Degraves St. is a popular laneway sporting dining options right out in the middle of the street.  Hardware Lane is an enchanting place to enjoy a meal or glass of wine along with the melodies of live jazz musicians under the stars in the evening.  Littered with boutiques and cafes, every corner you turn seems to open up into an intriguing path of new discoveries to be made.  If you look close enough, you will likely catch artists at work in these back streets of Melbourne, creating and capturing the beautiful and the intriguing.

36 Views of my Latte

While in Melbourne, we took in an enchanting and thought-provoking art exhibit at Federation Square called 36 Views of my Latte.  Included in the exhibit were pencil drawings, ink sketches, and watercolor paintings by the Melbourne artist, Ives, with each piece featuring at least one latte.  Some pieces were on the more whimsical side, and others conveying deep meaning and emotion.  This exhibit is really worth checking out, if you ever get the chance!

We feel so thankful and blessed that we had the opportunity to experience this remarkable city.  After 5 days in Melbourne, we both left inspired, refreshed, and with a hope to return again someday!


One thought on “Melbourne over a chai latte.

  1. So glad you guys had fun! We unfortunately had to spend like 15 hours in the Melbourne airport during our trip! Wish we could have explored some of the sights!

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