The quaint village of Tairua in the Coromandel region was the destination of choice to celebrate our friend Amber’s birthday this past weekend.  Our time in Tairua can best be summed up in a series of photos.

A little bit of Pictionary.

Awakening to gorgeous views of Pauanui Beach in the morning.

Amber’s vanilla roiboos-infused scones- amazing.

A stop in at Tairua’s Saturday Market.

Hot Water Beach at dusk.

A feast of cheese and other delicacies.

Stunning views from the top of Paku Mountain, upon which our bach (gorgeous holiday home) was perched.

Intermittent rainbows inbetween short spells of rain. 

Thanks, Amber, for being born, and giving a great excuse to go out to and make some awesome memories in this gorgeous place.


2 thoughts on “Tairua

  1. Wonderful Mel . . . . is there a mountain perch you haven’t done a photoshoot from yet?? The scenery is absolutely awesome. God must be blessing you everyday. Miss you – lots of love!
    Aunt Liz

  2. Awesome blog and love the photos!!! Any chance I could steal a few pics as I didn’t capture as many as I had hoped. Thanks for coming away with us – it was the perfect way to celebrate and the fact that you ‘made’ me tell my life story was something I won’t forget. Love you!!

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