Influencing the experience of the because.

Last weekend, Brendon had the opportunity to present a paper at a theology conference held in Auckland.  The topic of the conference was Theological Interpretation of Scripture, and Brendon’s presentation specifically focused on how metaphors from Scripture can influence how we understand and experience our world.  It was entitled:  Influencing the Experience of the Because: Embodied Metaphor as a Lived Theological Interpretation.  If you are interested in reading more on this, flick Brendon an email at and he’ll send you his paper.

I sadly wasn’t able to make it to the presentation myself, but I can tell you that Brendon was looking sharp that day.  He was introduced as the best-dressed presenter of the conference, and even if no one understood what he was talking about, they all agreed that the bow tie was a good choice. Brendon felt good about his presentation, and I think it was a really encouraging experience for him overall.  I am so proud of him.

It was a really cool opportunity for Brendon to be able to share and engage with other theological minds from around the world on some of the work he has been doing.  The chance to partake in the company and conversation with other people doing research in similar fields was very stimulating and encouraging.

Brendon’s next speaking engagement is this upcoming Friday at AUT, where he will be giving a short presentation on his research method, as part of a post-grad symposium.


6 thoughts on “Influencing the experience of the because.

    • You’re lookin pretty calm and collected behind that podium Bren. Only thing missing is a flower in your lapel. Keep up the good work. AG

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