Queenstown, South Island

We have just returned from a refreshing trip to the South Island, to the mountainous destination of Queenstown.  Many a skier and snowboarder flock to this touristy town to hit the slopes of the Southern Alps, and although there was still snow up on the mountainous ridges, we were completely fine with keeping some distance between us and that cold, white powdery stuff.

Instead, we opted for taking in some lovely tramps, or hikes, through Queenstown’s stunning surrounds. Moke Lake and Arrowtown, a quaint mining village, were excellent stops for daytrip explorations.

We were blessed with an amazing place to stay overlooking the water of Lake Wakatipu, just minutes from Queenstown.  Some very kind customers of Brendon’s let us stay at their their beautiful family holiday home that was built in the 1970’s, complete with all the original furniture.  It was so nice to come back and chill in this gorgeous bach that so elegantly combined vintage with modern style.

The hills and mountains surrounding Queenstown were quite reminiscent of British Columbia, we thought.  But then again, neither of us have spent a ton of time there.  Perhaps those of you who frequent B.C. a bit more can share your thoughts.

Queenstown held lots of delightful morsels such as Fergberger, the Queenstown Arts Market, and the Taste of Queenstown festival which was happening while we were there.  Vudu Larder made these gorgeous blueberry vanilla bean cupcakes, which I just had to try- for you, Morgan!

For a special treat one afternoon, we enjoyed an exquisite meal on the sunny patio of Amisfield Winery.  The chef, oddly enough, was from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!  (the place of Mel’s birth).  We were impressed both with his culinary skills and his heritage.

Our trip to the South Island was a great time for both of us, and brought forth more interest and yearning to explore more of our Homeland one day.  Perhaps a trip across Canada will be on the agenda upon our return?


4 thoughts on “Queenstown, South Island

  1. Oh, what a great visit you had. It does look like BC, and even Alaska, with those huge mountains. I think I would have been tempted to stay and enjoy that lovely house, rather than “tramp” the trails. Beautiful photography again, Mel.
    It was wonderful to have that few minutes of Skype last evening. Thanks!
    Love to you both, Nanny.

    • Thanks, Nanny! Yes, it was awesome to talk to you on skype yesterday. Thanks for confirming our hunch about similarities to parts of North America. We love you and miss you lots!! m&b

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