Long live the French (vehicle)

After a timing belt issue on the motorway with our dear Suzuki Alto, we knew it was probably time to let her go.  Baby Shea has been good to us, but she is getting old and needs someone more mechanically inclined with love to give to take her in and fix some of her ailments.  Up she went on TradeMe, and 2 days later, a delightful Yugoslavian man came to look at her and fell in love.  Was he the mechanically-inclined person we were hoping for?  No.  But he has “experience driving bad cars back in Yugoslavia.”  Oh my… He was a nice guy though, and we felt good about handing Baby Shea off to him.

The same day we sold our car, we picked up our new one: A dark green 94 Peugeot, which we scored via an online auction on TradeMe.

We were amazed and so thankful for how quickly the car dilemma was solved.

So far, the Peugeot is working great.  We christened it with a roadtrip down to Pauanui in the Coromandel with Kyle and Bea this past weekend.

As for a name for this little foreigner, we are thinking maybe Pierre.  Pierre the Peugeot… But we are open to suggestions if you have any.

Although NZ defeated the French in the RWC final, let’s hope this is not the case with our new vehicle.  We’d like it to stick around in NZ at least as long as we do…


2 thoughts on “Long live the French (vehicle)

  1. You sure have a way with words – I feel I practically know your cars now – like they are long lost cousins!! Pierre the Peugeot is perfect . . . love it!
    We are into November 3rd here and no snow yet – its been a wonderful Fall for us but the worse is yet to come as we await the dreaded winter! Love you!

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