Advent wreath, a modern take.

Growing up, one of our family traditions around Christmas, and particularly the season of Advent leading up to Christmas, was the lighting of an Advent wreath at family meal times.  I have fond memories of the soft glow of candles, arguments over who got to light and blow out the candles, and picking hardened wax off of the greenery on the wreath.

This year, I wanted to bring back the tradition of the advent wreath in our home, and found inspiration for a modern take on the advent wreath online.

While it’s not very traditional with its red candles and lack of greenery, I am enjoying this creation and the things it calls us to reflect upon.

To make this modern version of an advent wreath, all you need are 4 wine bottles, white spray paint, some ribbon/string, and a small amount of cardstock- both plain and patterned.

Cover each wine bottle with two coats of spraypaint, then let dry.  Create tags from the cardstock, layering a smaller white tag on top of a larger one that is colored or patterned.  After hole punching, fasten the tag to a ribbon or string which can be tied or draped around the bottle- there are infinite ways to do this- get creative!  Shave down four pillar candles so the bases fit into the mouth of the bottles.

To make your advent wreath extra-portable, place on a tray so it can be easily moved off the table to an alternate location when more space is needed.  This advent wreath is also easily disposable and can be recycled if you havn’t got the space to store it!

I’ve been looking around for some good Advent meditations and reading to do with this season of waiting, and so far have come across some shorter, more liturgical advent meditations, along with some contemplative art and reflections by artist/writer/minister Jan L. Richardson through The Advent Door.

If anyone has any other suggestions for good Advent resources, I would love to hear about them!


3 thoughts on “Advent wreath, a modern take.

  1. I lost my comment!!
    We do a book called God with us, Rediscovering the meaning of Christmas, there is a free downloadable ebook called the Jesse Tree at (neat blog – challenging!) and for those looking for something geared more towards kids (as we are) check out and

    Such a wonderful time of year and I look forward to installing this year after year with our kids and really helping them make it their own so help them define Christ’s coming and His place in their lives!

    Blessings to you as you remember and medicate half a world away 🙂

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