Hot weather, beaches, kids on scooters, ice cream. It feels exactly like… Christmas?

I would like to begin this blog post with a quote from my incredible Kiwi friend, Beatrice.

We were walking down the street in the beach town of Pauanui a couple of months ago, and she said something like, “Look at the kids on scooters!  It is starting to feel like Christmas!”

Summer/Christmas is upon us here once again in the Southern Hemisphere.  This combination still feels odd to us, and according to a parent in my class who migrated here over 10 years ago from Ireland, it can take decades to get used to it.  While we are looking forward to cozy and magical white Christmases of North America again someday, we have decided to embrace the season over here and head out on a Christmas camping adventure.  For the next week, we will be living like the Kiwis do: camping, beaching, and enjoying the beauty of New Zealand’s northernmost places.

Love we send to our families- we wish we could be with you guys on this occasion that is special to all of us.  And love we send to friends- thinking especially of those who will be celebrating first Christmases with little babes… and who are expecting new babes very soon!

Whichever continent you find yourself on, wishing you much love & peace as you celebrate the meaning of Christmas in ways traditional or not so traditional.

Love Brendon & Mel



2 thoughts on “Hot weather, beaches, kids on scooters, ice cream. It feels exactly like… Christmas?

    • Thanks, Auntie Lori! 🙂 You are so welcome! Hope you, Craig, Ellen & Levi are all doing well and had a lovely Christmas. Saw some pics from your birthday visit to St. Albert in September. You and Ellen were looking great! 🙂 Much love to you all from NZ!!

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