Canada-bound Kiwis

The internet is an amazing thing.  I am gaining more and more appreciation of this incredible tool when I consider how it has changed people’s lives and the kind of connections that it has made possible.  The internet is an incredible facilitator of relationships, keeping people in touch with each other who are oceans apart, and introducing complete strangers to one another.  Now so far, there havn’t been many people about which I could say, “We met through the internet,” but I do have one friend as of late with which this is true!

Christina stumbled upon our blog one day back in November when she was searching for a recipe for pumpkin pie. (I should mention at this point that Christina has a fabulous food blog that you should all check out!)  It was at this point that she decided to say a quick hello on my blog, mentioning that she and her husband, Jesse, were planning a move to Canada.  I was very excited and intrigued to be meeting a Kiwi couple doing the reverse of what Brendon had done just two years ago, and was keen to get to know this girl and find out more about their plans.  Christina and I communicated via email a fair bit, exchanging information and stories, until we had the chance to meet up just the other day.  With just under a month left until their big move to Canada, Christina and Jesse were kind enough to make time for a visit amidst the insanity of packing, selling belongings, and solidifying travel plans.

As I suspected, the four of us hit it off really well.  We chatted over a great meal, and the incredibly delicious rhubarb hazelnut slice that Christina brought over, freshly baked and beautifully presented.  At the end of this month, Christina and Jesse will head to Vancouver, where Jesse will be studying and training to pass his exams to work as a commercial pilot in Canada.  We’ve been able to connect Christina and Jesse with a couple of our friends in Vancouver already, so they’ll have a few people to show them around to the hidden gems of the area.  After that, the two are open to the possibility of living wherever Jesse can find work as a pilot, including the Arctic!  Love the adventurous spirit of these two… willing to embrace all that Canada has to offer, including its freezing temperatures.

As much as we wish this cool Kiwi couple was staying around NZ a bit longer so we can hang out with them, we are SO excited to follow their adventures over in the land of maple syrup, polar bears, and Joe Clothing.  I am starting to miss that place more these days… it will be so neat to experience Canada through the eyes of Kiwis!

Might I say again that if you are into food, or if you are curious to follow the adventures of these two cool Kiwis, you should check out Christina’s blog, De La Casa.  I have made several of Christina’s recipes so far, and they have all been fantastic.  Just last week, I made Christina’s crustless pie, which was very tasty, and easily adaptable to make with other veggies you have on hand.  I threw an additional cup of shredded zucchini into ours.  Gorgeous with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Christina and Jesse, I’m so glad we could connect with you two before your departure!!  Blessings upon you two and your exciting new adventure.


5 thoughts on “Canada-bound Kiwis

  1. Mel, you are so lovely. What a delight to meet you both, and have this written about us! You guys are treasures, and have imparted so much valuable knowledge and encouragement before we head off to the unknown. It absolutley makes my day when someone makes something I’ve posted! Your pie looks ideal! And you make the rhubarb slice look amazing. So pleased you enjoyed 😀

  2. That is so neat! I will definitely follow the blog. Love the idea of a crustless veggie pie. Yours looks delicious.
    The tui pic is sitting here on my desk–with the Pohutukawa pic from Christmas.Love them both. Thanks for sending them.
    Love you both. Nanny.

    • Hi Nanny,
      Thanks so much for your comment.
      So glad you got our little cards and that they’ve settled on your desk. 🙂 We miss you being in this place with us! Kristen said she got your bean recipe, and the invitation for Friday night beans & biscuits has been put out there. 🙂 Can’t wait. Love you, Nanny!!

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