These days in life.

Life these days in the Neilson household has been primarily focused around a select few things.  The following images pretty much tell the story of our lives as of late.

Early morning (and late night) practices at the cafe to gear up for the quickly approaching NZ Barista Championships.  Thank goodness for awesome friends who come to offer Breno support by sitting in as the panel of judges and providing feedback.  His set is looking strong, by the way.  I am so proud of him for all the hard work and long hours he has been putting in.

Teaching the kiddos, and everything else that this entails.  I have another lovely bunch of Y5/6 students to pour into this year.  Their quirkiness delights me on a daily basis, and they have a fantastic sense of humor.

For Brendon’s birthday, a few weeks ago, I invited him in for a “surprise” game of birthday dodgeball with my class.  Of course, Brendon was a big hit amongst the students, and they are all asking when he is going to come back.

Thesis writing (and editing).  The time is approaching for Brendon to submit what is known as his D-9.  This basically involves submitting and presenting what is Chapter 1 of his thesis.  As an English major, editing is the one area I can actually be of assistance to Brendon within the realm of his studies.

And that’s pretty much it…  Barista practice, teaching, and editing.  This is the story we currently find ourselves in.


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