Baby Goodkey is here!

The long awaited, newest member of our New Zealand fam has finally made her appearance… On the 3rd of May, our friends, Kristen and Brandon, welcomed into the world a perfect baby girl: Imogen Helaina Goodkey!

Weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces, little Imogen is a delightful bundle of sweetness.

We visited Kristen, Brandon, and Imogen at Birthcare two days after the birth.  (They have a phenomenal system for caring for new mothers and their infants here in NZ.)  All 3 Goodkeys were doing well, and looking fantastic.

Over some homemade enchilladas, pumpkin-chocolate spice cupcakes, and a refreshing rosé, they shared with us (sparing no details) Imogen’s birth story- which is an awesome story, and truly needs to be published!

We are so proud of and thrilled for our friends for accomplishing the feat of birthing this beautiful child with such monumental success.

In just a couple of weeks, Kristen’s parents will be coming from Red Deer to meet their granddaughter.  We look forward to hanging out with Dennis and Eunice and celebrating Little Imogen’s existence with a baby bash (shower) of sorts.

Welcome to the world, Imogen!!  I hope you don’t mind us featuring you in some of our future blog posts.


2 thoughts on “Baby Goodkey is here!

  1. Oh My! What a perfect baby girl! So happy for you all to have a little one to cuddle and enjoy. It is so much fun to see the rapid changes that are a part of growth in newborns.
    Thanks for the pics!
    Love to you all, Nanny

  2. Imogen is beautiful! So glad to hear that she arrived and has already begun to fill your lives with joy!
    As a side note, Brendon, May 3rd was my Mom’s birthday – Grandma Elsie. Imogen couldn’t have picked a better day to enter the world.
    Much love,
    Mom (Fay)

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