Sweet baby 13.

Today, my sweet little sister, Morgan, turns 13 years old!!

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown and that sweet baby girl I used to take to the park and watch Blues Clues with has blossomed into this gorgeous little teeny bopper!!

It was pretty incredible to be older and have the experience of caring for and helping to raise this beautiful child.  There was too much of an age gap for any sort of sibling rivalry or quarelling, so it was a neat sort of relationship we had.

I have awesome memories of setting up photoshoots, trying to teach Morgan to speak French, sneaking her “bon bons” and watching her eyes light up, and taking her for walks to the park multiple times a day.

I just adored Morgan, and still love her to bits.

Things I love about my Sister:  Her thoughtfulness.  Her quirkiness.  Her sneakiness.  Her beautiful hair.  Her creativity.  Her gentleness.  Her love of cupcakes.

One of my favorite traditions is planning her birthday party together every year.  Not brag, but Morgan has had some pretty stellar birthday parties throughout her 13 years of life.  There was the Highschool Musical birthday, the “Price is Right” birthday, the spa birthday, oh, and the year we hired my friend Mark the magician to surprise her with a magic show.

My personal favorite was probably her “wedding birthday,” in which we did the nails and hair of the girls at her party, made bouquets of fresh flowers, and took all the girls outside for a photoshoot with the “bridal party.”  Haha… what fun.

When Morgan told me she wanted to wait to have her birthday party until I come home in July, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  Thanks, Morgan!!  It will be SO special to be able to celebrate your 13 years of life with you, with a vintage picnic party next month.

Sweet Morgan, I love you so!!  Happy 13th Birthday to a very special sister that I love and miss so dearly!!


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