Coming home (for a visit).

We are soon to be Canada-bound!  In about a week, we will be heading home to Edmonton – not permanently, just for a visit.

While we are there, my brother, Jeremy, is getting married to a lovely girl named Sarah, so we will make the loooong journey down to Muscatine, Iowa by car with the rest of the Goodall fam to attend the wedding.  They were kind enough to time the wedding with our planned trip home, and we are so stoked we will be able to be there.

Something like 3.5 months ago, my brother Jeremy called me for the first time (in my whole life).  He is actually the second family member to call me since we have been over here in New Zealand, so a phone call from any family member is a pretty exciting thing.  When I saw his name show up on my phone, I knew it was something big- either really bad, or extremely good.   “How’s it going, Mello?” greets my long lost brother.  “Good… is everything ok with you?” I ask, sensing that he is too relaxed for there to be anything wrong.  “Uh… yeah… so want to come to a wedding in Iowa this summer?”  Next, what followed were a few shrieks of excitement and disbelief (though minimized because I was out doing an observation at another school).  Little Jer… getting married.  Pretty crazy.

Aside from the wedding, we are also massively looking forward to reuniting with family and friends in Edmonton.  Although Brendon returned home in September of 2010 for his grandfather’s funeral, this is my first trip home, and I am pretty stoked to hang out with people I havn’t seen in years.  Many/most of our friends in Edmonton have had kids since we left, so there will be many new little people to meet for the first time, some of which who include (but are not limited to) Anna, Naomi, Henry Richard, Makinley, Joah, Saedy and Jayce.  Brendon’s sister, Nicole, is also pregnant with her fourth and is due just a couple of weeks after our departure date, so if Baby decides to make a bit of an early arrival, we may also get to meet our new niece or nephew!  It will also be special to stop in and see my grandmother in Saskatoon, on our way back from Iowa.

I have to say, I am quite looking forward to perusing Superstore’s Joe Clothing department, and we are both excited to return to the phenomenal beverages and people of Transcend Coffee.  It will be nice to be in Edmonton in the heat of summer… In a typical year, July seems to be the month when the city is at its best, so will be neat to (hopefully) take in part of a festival or two, stroll through the river valley in all its glory, and maybe even hit up a market.  I am curious to see what has changed since we left (and what hasn’t).  We have had so many conversations about what it will be like to return home (when we do), so this visit should answer some of those lingering questions.

Edmonton, see you in a week!! (Photo courtesy of Ken MacDonald)


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