Pre-Canada party.

On the 27th of June, I celebrated Canada Day (a few days early) with my new class of enthusiastic Year 4’s.  They were very keen to don their red and white, and learn about poutine, touques, toboggans, and Wayne Gretzky, among others of Canada’s finest treasures.  As part of “Oral Langauge” that day, we skyped Morgan and my mom, and the kids had lots of interesting questions to ask.  The day also included a game of “2 on 2 hockey” outside on the court, along with a shared lunch.

Loved these gorgeous cupcakes that one of my students and her mother made… thought the adorable Canadian flags were such a thoughtful touch.

Another student brought in these “hot chocolate mugs,” as I told my students that we have to drink lots of hot chocolate in Canada to keep warm in the winter time.  Using a biscuit as a saucer, a marshmallow as the body of the mug, these delightful treats were topped with some chocolate syrup and mini marshmallows, and then a “handle” added with half of a life-saver type candy.  I thought they were ever so cute!!

It was a great way to get revved up for our trip to Canada… in a matter of hours, both of us will be boarding planes (separate planes- unfortunately, we are not flying together), to return to our home city of Edmonton, Alberta.

Looking forward to setting these feet on Edmonton soil…


One thought on “Pre-Canada party.

  1. Oh the mugs are so cute! Haha so even kids think Canada is always cold. What a neat idea Mel to teach them about Canada and get them fully involved. Had to google Gretzky. Sounds like you are the coolest teacher.

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